cleaning with dignity

CleanAll is the services division of Kissan Engineering, providing Solid and Liquid waste Management and street cleaning solutions

Ever seen a sanitary worker attempting to un-block a sewer line using a bamboo stick? Ever met the garbage boy who picks up your mess everyday with his bare hands? Ever noticed multiple sweepers toiling to clean long roads amidst a cloud of dust? Due to scarcity of resources and proper cleaning equipment these in-human practices are still common in Pakistan. Kissan Engineering a leading manufacturer of solid and liquid waste management equipment is proud to introduce its services division, CleanAll Solutions, where our motto is “cleaning with dignity”. We adhere to this vision by renting out cost effective and proficient equipment that gives our clients the technological advantage to avoid direct human contact with waste. Furthermore, vis-à-vis physical labor, machines get the job done more cost effectively and the results are far superior.