tractor towed automatic garbage disposal unit
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Our first indigenous product, Tractor Towed Garbage Disposal Unit, was introduced in year 2000. It is a revolutionary and cost effective Waste Collection and Disposal System using Tractor as Prime Mover. The hydraulic capability of Tractor is used to operate the system, which comprises of a Tractor Towed Carrier and specially designed 5m³ containers which are placed at strategic locations. The unit can be operated by any 35 HP (or above) Tractor(Messy Ferguson, Fiat etc.). The containers are filled by citizens, the Tractor lifts the container, loads it on to itself, transports it to the dumping site and tips it empty. All of these operations are achieved without anyone having to come in contact with the waste. Empty container is then brought back to the location and Tractor along with the Carrier proceeds to next container site. All this is One Man Operation. K.E. has supplied this system to over 150 clients in Pakistan and it is exceptionally popular in rural areas and small urban centers.