mechanical grab
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In 2011 K.E developed prototype of a Mechanical Grab specifically for cleaning debris and sludge from open sewer drains. The grab can be towed behind a regular 45 or 75 HP tractor. It is based on the design of an articulated crane. At the end of the arm is a Clamshell or a Bucket. The Clamshell collects debris/sludge from the open drain and empties it into the Hydraulic Tipping Trolley. Once the trolley is completely filled with Sludge it is transported to the nearest dumping site where the trolley is hydraulically tipped to clear all the debris.


K.E. Mechanical Grab is an ideal machine for cleaning open drains. The driver of the tractor can be trained in the use of the Mechanical Grab making it a "One Man" operated machine. Furthermore, it does not require anyone to come in direct contact with the sludge and debris thereby making it humane and efficient.