Sluge Suction Units
Sewer Jetting Units
Sewer Combined Suction and Jetting Units
Truck Mounted Compactors
Truck Mounted Arm Rolls
Mini Dumper
Truck Mounted Street Sweepers
Tractor Towed Street Sweepers
Tractor Based Skip Loaders
Tractor Towed Automatic Garbage Disposal Unit
Hydraulic Elevating Platroam
Truck Mounted Cranes
Mechanical Grab
Foldable Tailgate
Mini Tipper
Hydraulic Elevating Platroam
Dump Truck


Kissan Engineering manufactures a complete range of Solid and Liquid Waste Management Equipment along with other products. Our products are customized according to the requirements of our clients. We make sure that our product serves your purpose in the most efficient way. Our complete product list appears above.