sewer jetting units
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Sewer Jetting Machines are used to clear blockades in Sewer Lines. The unit consists of a High Pressure Jetting Pump powered by a truck engine through PTO or an Auxiliary engine, a water tank and a High Pressure Jetting Nozzle connected to one end of a Jetting Pipe. K.E. uses high quality Italian Pumps to power the jetting nozzle through a Sewer line. Water is pumped at high pressure through the Jetting Nozzle which forces the nozzle forward and removes any blockade in the path of the nozzle.


In order to ensure performance of the machine and to ensure safety of the user Jetting pump, Hydraulic Pump, Hydraulic Accessories and Safety Valves are all imported from leading European Manufacturers and adhere to highest quality standards. K.E. has supplied over 40 Jetting Machines to various clients.