sludge suction units
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Sludge Suction Units make use of the principal of Vacuum to suck sludge and debris from sewer lines. Italian made (Moro Pumps) Vacuum Pumps are used in all K.E. Sludge Suction Machines. These high performance pumps are known for their robustness, performance and durability. The vacuum pump creates a powerful vacuum in the Suction Tank. A steel re-enforced suction pipe is connected to the inlet valve on the suction tank at one end while other end of the pipe is placed inside the sewer ensuring that the suction head is fully immersed in sludge/sewer water. When the in-let valve is opened sludge starts flowing into the suction tank.

Suction units can effectively lift sludge and small debris from 25 - 30ft depth. They are extensively used for clearing debris/sludge and waste water from Sewer Lines, Soaking pits and Water puddles. To date K.E. has supplied over 100 units to various clients.