Foldable tailgate
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Kissan Folding platform makes cargo handling a one man operation for loads of upto 1600kgs. Be it night or day, using this convenient platform the driver alone can load and unload cargo anywhere. The Tailgate has been designed using a 3D modeling optimized structure in terms of strength and weight.


All the Hydraulic Components are of European Origin, and have been carefully selected to perform the job at hand, while putting nominal load on the truck chassis and engine. Torsion springs attached to the platform assist platform opening and closing whereas the addition of an opener arm makes this product highly user friendly.


With a low-maintainance design featuring heavy duty structural components and platform, all-weather hydraulic equipment, and a durable PTO drive, the Folding Tail Gate has been designed to provide long term reliable service. 12 volt or 24 volt Power pack are optional.