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Kissan Engineering proudly presents an Indigenous Manure Collection Solution for Large Scale Dairy Farmers. This new Tractor Towed Manure Suction Unit, complete with a Mechanized Scraper arm, makes manure collection and disposal a one man Job. The Scraper arms can be easily adjusted to accommodate alleys of different widths and constructions. The scraped manure is sucked into a 3500~4500 liters Tank. Once filled this tank can be towed to the dumping site and emptied through a slurry valve. The tank can be Hydraulically tilted to an angle of 45 degrees which ensures complete manure discharge. The rear dish end too can be opened for periodic cleaning of the tank. After cleaning the Complete Unit, i.e. the Manure Suction Unit and the Scraper, can be easily detached from the tractor leaving it free for other chores.