48,000 Litres Oil Tanker

An oil tanker, also known as a petroleum tanker, is a truck designed for the bulk transport of oil or its products.

K.E semi-trailer Oil Tanker/Petrol tanker is strong and durable, lightweight, heavy-duty construction compliant with OGRA (Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority) and UNADR Standards. Heavy-duty Kingpins, landing legs, and axles. Tank truck safety system including emergency drain cutouts, overflow sensor, internal vapor recovery system, safety valves, and roll-over devices.

Additional Safety Feature (Optional): Baffle Balls

Baffle Balls are used worldwide by liquid transporters as safety equipment. Baffle balls create multiple layers of baffle within the tanks and reduce the effects of dynamic load shifting in cartage tanks. In other words, this leads to a reduction of stopping distance, above all reduction swaying of the tanks and adds comfort for the driver.

Features of Oil Tanker/Fuel tanker:

• Tank shape: cylindrical (inverted ‘D’). Light Weight Heavy Duty Construction.
• Tank material: Mild steel ST52.
• Four compartment tank with Baffes as per OGRA Design. (Front to Rear 08 KL+16KL+08KL+16KL).
• The tank is equipped with multi-channel anti-wave partitions divided into different compartments for loading different variants
• High strength, low center of gravity for enhanced stability and safety. OGRA Compliant Fuel Tanker as per new standards including Drawing/Design Calculations, Welding Procedures as per ISO 15607, Material Identifications, Hydro testing at 05 PSI (34.4 KPa), UFD test of Longitudinal and Circumferential Welds, Paint
Quality as per OMC Specifications with MSDS, Bottom Loading design also available.

Specifications of Oil Tanker/Petrol tanker:

Capacity: 48,000 Liter
 Compartment: 4 No’s
 Width: 2500 mm
 Height: 3877 mm
 Length: 13150 mm
 Tanker Weight: 11500 kg
 Wheel Rim: 13 pcs size 7.5 – 20
 Imported King Pin: Heavy duty 2″
 Tire Size: 11.00 x 20
 Axle: 3 No’s Imported
 Landing Legs: Imported Heavy Duty
 Finish: As per Requirement

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