Sewer Jetting Unit

High-Pressure Jetting trucks are used to clear blockages in sewer lines.

Sewer Jetting Unit graphic

Sewer Jetting Unit has a High-Pressure Plunger pump powered by the truck PTO or an Auxiliary engine forces water through a lightweight jetting hose fitted with a special Jetting Nozzle at one end.

Sewer Jetting Unit
Machine Sewer Jetting Unit
Brand name Kissan Engineering
Work type High-Pressure Sewage Jetting
Model number
Condition Brand new
Use Clearing blockages in Sewer Lines
Place of origin Pakistan
Material Mild steel and stainless steel
After sales service 6 days a week. One year warranty



Technical specs of Sewer Jetting Unit
Tank Capacity 3500 Liter~7000 Liter ( Depending on the user requirement)
Jetting Hose Reel Rear mounted hydraulically powered hose reel suitable for carrying a jetting hose of 3/4” diameter. The hydraulic motor of European origin
Level Gauge Liquid level indicator for observing water level in a tank
Filling Point 1 No. minimum of 20” Dia
Jetting Nozzles Italian Jetting Nozzles (installed as per user requirement).
Jetting pump Flow 112 liter/min~263 liter/min
Pressure 140 Bar~200 Bar
Pump Drive Auxiliary Engine/Truck PTO


Why Kissan?

  1. Customized designs to match specific customer requirements.
  2. Easy operation, robust design, and field tested for reliability and durability.
  3. Kissan Engineering is an ISO 9001 certified company and our entire production process is subjected to strict in-process quality controls.
  4. All K.E. products carry a six-month warranty against manufacturing defects and bad workmanship.
  5. All hydraulic and pneumatic components are of European origin and are thoroughly tested under extreme conditions and thereby ensure minimum machine downtime.

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