Garbage Compactor Truck

Garbage Compactor is the machinery of choice for door to door waste collection. Waste is simultaneously compacted and eventually transported to the dumping site.

Garbage Compactor Truck graphic

Technical Specifications of Kissan Engineering’s Trash/Garbage Compactors

  • Pack plate type compactor
  • 1: 1.5 (Household),       Max     1 : 1.5 ~ 1 : 2 (Commercial)
  • Capacity 4 to 14.00 cubic meter
  • Latest Mechatronics PTO European Origin, close coupled with Hydraulic Gear Pump
  • Electro-Mechanical valve for easy operation
  • Double Acting type 2 sets of Hydraulic Cylinders assembled using Imported Hard Chrome Rods and Honed Tubes.
  • Bin lifting and tilting mechanism on compactor installed at the rear end of the unit for emptying containers of 0.8m3 into a hopper.

Main Features (Trash Compactors vs. Conventional Waste Trolleys)

  1. Waste is covered and there is no chance of “spillage” of waste during transportation.
  2. Continuous compaction allows more waste to be stuffed onto a truck which reduces the number of round trips to the dumping site. This results in significant fuel saving.
  3. Waste collected inside the compactor is pushed out of the container through a hydraulically powered Ejection Plate.
  4. Two men are required to perform the entire functionality of the compactor namely, driver and operator.
  5. Manufactured according to European standards
  6. Reliable high-quality components effectively reduce maintenance and maintenance costs.
  7. K.E. manufactures compactors with various capacities depending on the type of truck chassis and user requirement.

European components of Kissan’s Garbage Compactor

  • Hydraulic Oil Tank
  • Telescopic cylinder
  • Slide Cylinder
  • Shovel cylinder
  • Tailgate cylinder
  • Container cylinder
  • Control Box
  • A front directional control valve
  • A rear directional control valve
  • Counter Pressure Valve

Why Kissan?

  1. Available in 8 to 15 cubic meter capacity.
  2. Simple Design and field-tested products known for robustness and durability.
  3. All K.E equipment is manufactured in strict accordance with the ISO guidelines.
  4. All K.E products are warranted against manufacturing defects and bad workmanship for up to six months.
  5. European standard components used in Kissan’s equipment’s for more reliability and durability

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